Are you prepared for the change?

Wind Park

We are in the midst of an historical transformation resulting from technological change, the dislocation of the center of gravity to the Asia- Pacific region, demographics/ urbanization and climate constraints.

In several areas, for example energy, change is overwhelming: super low cost renewable energies, distributed generation, the emergence of the US as the n.1 producer of oil and natural gas and of China as the leader in renewable energies, etc.

Are you prepared for the change?

It is a very exciting moment, however the speed of transformation has been raising fears that globalization has benefitted more a few countries, inequality will keep on increasing, robotization will destruct many jobs and that it is too late to avoid dangerous climate change.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.25.39 PM.pngIn this blog I will share my views on globalization and the new energy era that is unfolding. I will invite on a regular basis some of my most brilliant students in the US, China and Australia to share with us their views. They are the leaders of the future.